Herkimer Diamond Rings: A Great Alternative

Looking for a non-diamond engagement rings alternative?  A Herkimer Diamond may be the best choice for you.   A natural, inexpensive, gemstone that is conflict free, stunning, and mined from our own property in upstate New York.  When placed side by side, a properly faceted Herkimer Diamond is hard to distinguish from a traditional diamond.  We at Green Gem are careful to mine these very pure, clear and bright quartz crystals in an environmentally conscientious manner.  This beautiful gemstone is conflict free, bloodless, and is a perfect choice for a non-diamond engagement ring.   A Herkimer Diamond is hard, durable, and can scratch steel or glass.  This all natural gemstone is also considered to be very rugged, as it has no cleavage planes or planes of weakness.

One of the most popular stones used in non-diamond engagement rings is cubic zirconia (CZ).  These stones have many drawbacks, not the least of which is that they are artificially created.  They also have very high dispersion, which causes rainbows to flash throughout the material.  This gives them an appearance  which does not look at all like a natural gemstone.

A Herkimer Diamond has all the qualities necessary for the person who wants a beautiful and durable engagement ring but does not want to spend the money necessary to buy a traditional diamond.  Beautiful one and two carat stones are available in fine sterling and gold.  Just think! You can own a non-diamond engagement ring for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars.  Herkimer Diamonds have none of the environmental or moral baggage that comes with traditional diamonds.   They are genuine, all natural, beautiful gemstones.

  • Conflict free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Mined in the USA

See for yourself!